Where do I Start with a Home Renovation?

Posted Nov 27th, 2017

Where do I Start with a Home Renovation?

Home renovations can be exciting, but beware, it can be an overwhelming task (with some surprises!)

Depending on the scope of your home renovation, there are many choices to make and early decisions that likely can't be changed later. Will you add an addition to your home? Finish the basement? Remove walls for a more 'open concept' design. Enlarge the Laundry room or update the whole home?

Consider what are your needs? Wants? Budget?

My most recent clients had been shopping for a new home for over a year. It's not surprising they were getting depressed and disappointed every time they viewed another property that was not even satisfactory. They're goals were fairly reasonable. The family had grown with two young boys and now...unexpected twins! Mom wanted a proper playroom, a larger mudroom and a more open concept kitchen. Dad desired a home office, modern exterior, and hoped for a bigger garage!

After meeting with them in their home to discuss Staging, I wondered why they would ever leave. They LOVED their location, huge yard, proximity to school/work and being close to Grandmas house (across the street). Why leave? They never considered a major home renovation. Let the planning begin!

A seemingly overwhelming project can actually be fun if it's managed properly from the beginning. A professional Project Manager and Designer will deliver success and take the worry out of a project of this scale. Every detail from start to finish will be discussed and taken care of.

Like any plan, it takes time, negotiation and expert advice to deliver success. Sometimes we can't 'have it all' but we can usually get pretty close. 

This Fall, Mr & Mrs Boys and Twins couldn't be happier. Their renovation took less than 3 months and delivered everything they requested AND within the budget. 

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