Why Does My Real Estate Agent Want Me To Stage My House?

Posted Nov 27th, 2017

Why Does My Real Estate Agent Want Me To Stage My House?

First Impressions are everything...especially in the real estate market.

You've chosen your real estate agent carefully, so you know they'll work hard to get you top dollar for your home.

Agents who suggest Home Staging aren't saying "you're house is a mess!" or that your personal items are tacky. Don't take it to heart.

Staging is an art. It's more than just a clean up. Professional Staging takes many factors into consideration. Space, trends, current buyer demographics and functionality. There are so many factors and psychology involved in learning about buyers and why they buy. Staging a home in a rural community would be substantially different than a trendy condo on Bay Street. And different last year vs this year. Why? Because the Market changes, trends change, buyers are different. It's up to those industry specialists, designers, planners and home staging to stay on top of it all. 

Many homeowners feel offended or discouraged when asked to Stage their home before it's listed. I hear regularly "...but it looks fine". !And yes, someone may like your house 'just the way it is'... you're right. However, the law of averages says you are unlikely to find that perfect buyer at the exact time, looking in that exact neighbourhood. That loves your same doll or train collection.

My best advice is to stay focused on the main goal. Getting the highest price for your home. That said, set your personal style aside and let the professionals do their job. If you've lived in the home for many years, you may not see the potential or opportunities to provide what current buyers are shopping for.

Empty homes are equally discouraging for buyers who don't have the ability to visualize furniture placement, appliances or decor. If they are unsure, they will keep looking elsewhere.

Great First impressions can make the difference in a long listing vs a short close. Give yourself every advantage and get it SOLD!

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