Renovation Grimsby - Where to Start...

Posted Jan 22nd, 2018

Renovation Grimsby - Where to Start...

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Considering a home renovation or addition in Grimsby? Not sure where to start?

Everyone you ask has a renovation nightmare, job gone wrong, or shady builder. What is your best defence against joining these sad (and expensive) stories?

First off get your mind set, if you want a good quality job, a luxury finish or just the basics without flaws, you need to find an expert, someone experienced to map this out. 

Watch out for the many beginners or inexperienced builders that get lured in by the bigger budget, they take on jobs that are ‘over their head’ and guess who suffers? Not them.

So what do you do? Start with Google? No.

Find a local, neutral party that knows the business. Ask questions. Have site visits. Discuss budget, YOUR vision, functionality, local builders, required trades, HVAC requirements, plumbing obstacles, structural, electrical, permits required, fixtures, finishes, personal touches, trim, accents, paint colours… all chosen and ready in perfect timing harmony. Now you know why the inexperienced builder gets caught in the proverbial pickle. It’s a lot to know, and takes many projects to perfect.

The great news is... there are incredible designers, builders and expert planners in Grimsby, & throughout the Niagara Area.

If you like to deal locally, we trust the advice of Agnes at L|A Design | Build | Stage. She is local, industry connected, modern and experienced. She is a visionary that specializes in new home builds and renovations. She has ideas and concepts that most never consider an option. Start the conversation and avoid the nightmares. The cost of experience, is a savings in the end. Website  Direct email

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