247 Grosvenor Street Hamilton Whole Home Renovation

Posted Apr 10th, 2018

247 Grosvenor Street Hamilton Whole Home Renovation

Whole Home Renovation - Gone Right!

We've all heard of the 'gone-wrong' stories, and rarely know who's truly at fault. Here's a major project in Hamilton, Ontario (near Gage Park) that truly went right. Correct.

This particular location is slowly emerging as a predominate, family area. Some rental properties and wayward owners had allowed homes in the proximity to age and fail, reducing the value of many properties nearby.

Luckily, LOCATION LOCATION shone through, and most properties have been cleaned up and the area now represents an attractive place to raise a family.

247 Grosvenor was getting swallowed by the neighbourhood. The L|A Design team had a vision and a hunch, this would be a worthwhile transformation. The design leader, Agnes, has foresight, vision and contractor contacts that get jobs done exactly as she specs them. Check this out.

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then ...

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